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Splash Lagoons Amusement Ride/Water Park

Summer is here and in Australia, that means hot summer days. What better way to fight the heat than with a portable amusement ride? A portable water park is a great option to be able to get outside and have fun while staying cool at the same time! There are several places and events you could use this amusement ride at, and we will go over several ideas.

Outdoor Events. If you’re planning an outdoor event and are not sure what to do, a portable amusement ride can make your event stand out! It is an easy way to make sure everyone is entertained, and they can stay cool while they play.

School Holidays.  A school holiday is a great opportunity to have this amusement ride set up. It can be a reward for the kids for doing a good job all year long. Every child gets burned out at one point in the year. But, if they have something to look forward to at the end of the year, they just might work harder. This amusement ride is a fun, easy way to get them outside and be able to enjoy themselves for a day.

Team Exercises. Since there are obstacle courses included in this amusement ride, they can make excellent team building activities. You can use these for work retreats, corporate events, or camp activities. It is a great way to get everyone out and bonding by working to get through the obstacle course.

What Types of Amusement Rides and Extras Are Available?

In addition to the water park, there are many extras offered for clients to use. We can set up vendors, additional staff, food, different attractions, different rides, and a ticket system. All of these combine to create a memorable event!

  • Bounce House.  If you want to take a break from the water, our bounce or jumping houses offer the perfect opportunities to do so. Jump around for a while, and when you get hot again, jump back into our water attractions.
  • Obstacle Courses. One popular amusement ride we offer is an inflatable water obstacle course. This is a fun opportunity for bonding exercises or team building opportunities.
  • Wading Pool.  If you have younger children, we have an amusement ride for them as well! The wading pool is perfect for anyone who wants to stay cool but doesn’t want the activity level of the other rides.
  • Water Slides. We offer several choices of water slides for hours of fun. There is a huge pool with several water slides attached, so everyone can find a slide that appeals to them.

As the summer season and hot weather is getting closer, keep this option in mind for any of your holidays, outdoor events, or parties. It is an excellent choice for anyone looking for something out of the ordinary to do, and we will make any event a success!

Water Park Details

Conditions Of Entry

  • Maximum 150 swimmers per session.
  • Maximum weight on slides 90kg
  • Yes, you can have floaties on your child.
  • No large floating devices allowed. EG: surfboards, tyre tubes, aqua ducks, blow up thongs.
  • No food or drink allowed in pool area.
  • Lifesavers are not babysitters, parent supervision is required.
  • No smoking within 100meters of the pool area, no alcohol.
  • No entry to pools without an armband.
  • Follow operators instructions at all times.
  • Please ensure swimmer nappies are used for younger children.